Welcome back everyone to Part 2 of this series where I create a simple version of Google Keep in Flutter 2.0 using Firebase. If you missed the first part, here is a link to it: Part 1.

In this part, we will create the models for the notes and certain classes that will allow us to handle the notes saved by the user much more efficiently. Getting straight to it, we will begin by creating 3 new classes: 1. NoteModel: This will be the class that will contain data for each individual note. 2. NotesModel: This class will serve as…

(Edit: Part 2 of the series is here)

I have been hearing a lot of praise about Flutter on multiple online social media platforms and from many of my friends. Though I did not have an extensive background in Application Development, I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. So after watching the Flutter Development course by The App Brewery, I decided to make a simple version of the Google Keep app that I use on an almost daily basis as my first app. This app is supposed to be my “Hello World” to the world of Flutter…

I have been taking the deeplearning.ai Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera. While learning, I realized something. I am completing the projects and quizzes and am passing with great marks. But, I have not actually been able to understand everything enough to apply in real life projects. Sure, I am gaining theoretical knowledge and I am definitely more knowledgable than I was before taking the specialization, but I wanted to make the most out of my efforts. Hence, I decided to start applying everything I learned and posting my experience in the form of Medium articles. …

Prashant Goyal

All I do is build software, play video games, read books and work out💪

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